Molly reproduced

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Molly reproduced

Postby Zuri on 12 Apr 2019 21:12

We have a 60ltr tank with 3 Mollies and 5 Guppies. Last night we discovered the Mollyies reproduced and we now have 15 Baby Mollyies. Relatively new to the fish world so not sure what to do next. Went to fish shop & got separator so they wouldn't be eaten but am at a loss as what to do next . Got baby fish food too. Presume cleaning the tank at the moment is a no go? Any tips??
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Re: Molly reproduced

Postby KenS on 13 Apr 2019 22:49

You should be ok for a while, but you'll eventually need a bigger tank or move on the fry.

Make sure you're not overfeeding either as it will be difficult to keep water parameters stable in a tank that size.

You could still do some very small water changes. I would be better than nothing.

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