Design the species list for a Malawi Cichlid Tank.

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Design the species list for a Malawi Cichlid Tank.

Postby kevgalway on 03 Jun 2011 10:40

Galway Atlantaquaria focuses primarily on the display of native aquatic species, a new mini exhibit is planned for July 2011 - Biodiversity around the World.

The plan is to give the public a taste of biodiversity around the world in a confined space so we will have a tank of Amzonian species and then a Malawi Cichlid tank.

The Malawi Cichlid Tank is a 2m diameter, 0.6m high acrylic cylinder so about 1,800l volume. There is a stone outcrop in the middle of the tank.

We are looking for people to come up with a stocking list for the tank, one will then be chosen and followed as far as possible. The chosen winner will receive a family membership to the aquarium and the
individual and forum will be credited in press releases.

Entries should be as detailed as possible - Species name and quantity etc, diet, compatibility, ultimate size and decor suggestions etc.

Compatibility of species and dietary compatibility should be born in mind

Email to and any questions just post up


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Re: Design the species list for a Malawi Cichlid Tank.

Postby Anthony on 06 Jun 2011 13:51

Hi guys.
Just to add.. The closing date for the competition is Saturday 18th June 2011.
Don`t forget to add pictures. All entrants will be posted on the forum and the best ones added to a
new profile section that we have planned for a long time.. :lol: :lol:
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