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Tank Closure for sale

Postby elmo on 04 Jul 2019 16:11

I have the below, fully set up and running beautifully but a move abroad forces the sale. I will sell separately but in order to do so I will need to have the livestock removed first but here is what I have -

The tank itself is a little older but still in good condition. Some scratching on the glass and the cabinet internals starting to bubble in some places but as you can see from the pics it still looks great.

PICS: https://imgur.com/a/wLZZmKf

Red Sea Max 130D (modified to remove lid with rear sump cover)
AI Prime LED (and holder) white
Tunze DOC 9001 Ungraded protein skimmer
Tunze Turbelle Nano Stream 6025
Modified a RSM 130 Media Tray to Fit tank
1 X Bubble Magnus T-01 Doser (cost me 260 and still brand new with box)
2 X Upgraded Eheim Compact 600 pumps
1 Large Clown Fish
1 Medium Clown Fish
2 Firefish
1 Medium Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp
2 X Blue Chromis
1 Bangaii Cardinal Fish
2 X Medium RBT Anenome
5 X Mushrooms
2 X Small Green Star Polyp
1 X Small Pulsing Xenia
1 X Small Zoa (about 5 heads)
2 or 3 Nassarius Snails
5 Blue legged hermits
~5 other hermits

About 20KG of live rock
I have used the Triton Other Method since getting the tank and it has never let me down, I have about 50% full bottles.
Some magnet cleaners, glass cleaners, food, testing kits etc (whatever is in the cabinet) also can go.

I can break it all up and sell separately but if somebody wants to take the entire thing I'd take €600.
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