Live rock, zoas €2 blue mushrooms €2

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Live rock, zoas €2 blue mushrooms €2

Postby davidmcenteee on 14 Mar 2019 23:19

I’m breaking down my Marine Aquarium. €750 for entire or in bits as follows:

Large pukani rock, this rock is about 33 cm high with a diameter of about 15 cm probably weighs 8 to 10 kilo when dry. It has a few bits of yellow branching Montipora that also seems to encrust, a small bit of cats paw, a few blue mushrooms and some green star polyp. €80

Long flat rock about 26 cm long and 20 cm wide, has the base of some yellow Montipora, encrusting and branching form, green star polyp and some blue mushrooms. €70

Long flat rock (photo 5) about 32 cm long and 20 cm wide, covered in zoas, far too many to count, browny pink/purple Montipora and loads of blue mushrooms. €140

Rock with yellow Montipora (photo 6) some mushrooms, pulsing Xenia and the base of some branching Montipora. €50

T shaped rock with blue mushrooms €50

Long rock with blue mushrooms and green star polyp €60

Triangular rock covered in mushrooms probably about 20 cm by 20 cm. €60

List is as follows:

File fish €40
Lawnmower Benny €40
Lionfish €50
Tomato Clown €50

Brown/pink plating Montipora
Blue mushrooms €2 each discounts if buying in numbers
Zoas €2 each discounts if buying in numbers
Green star polyp free with any other purchase
Var frags

Hermit crabs

About 30 kg of heavily seeded live rock plenty of good and bad stuff on it


Broken led
Return pump
Cheeto Algae

Probably plenty of other stuff that I have forgotten.






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Re: Live rock €8 per kg zoas €2 blue mushrooms €2

Postby davidmcenteee on 24 Mar 2019 10:00

Live Rock €8 per kg, zoas €2 each, mushrooms €2 each. Collection in Athboy.

No reasonable offer refused

Lion Fish €40

Tomato clown €40

File fish €30
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