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- March 2010
My First Marine Aquarium
   11 Mar 2010 23:08

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My First Marine Aquarium

Permanent Linkby Dclifford on 11 Mar 2010 23:08

Picked up my equipment today and started to put it all together:

Tunze nano DOC skimmer
Tunze power head - QTY 2
2 Marine T8 and 2 Blue T8
200W heater

Tank is RIO 180L which I am re-using from a freshwater set-up. I had to cut a section of the back panel of the lid to all the cup for the skimmer to be clear of the lid.

I have the tank 3/4 full with RO water and the heater and powerheads turned on. Going to bring it up to temp before adding the salt.

I have taken pics as I went along. I will add them in later.

I am a little suprised with the noise from the powerheads. It is a vibrational noise. While the powerheads are quiet, they seem to transmit the vibration through the brackets and to the tank.

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