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- August 2009
Tank Conversion
   21 Aug 2009 11:30
Tank conversion
   21 Aug 2009 10:48
Tank Conversion
   21 Aug 2009 03:49
Tank Conversion
   06 Aug 2009 04:00
Tank Conversion
   06 Aug 2009 03:48

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Tank Conversion

Permanent Linkby mike70 on 06 Aug 2009 04:00

After a lot of reading, i discovered that bio balls where not the best type of filtration :roll: . And the skimmer and filter were taking up a lot of space. :hand: So i had a dellema, sell it off and start again or convert it to the way i wanted it.
If you look closely you will see that there already was a hole for cables, so it was just a matter of removing
the unwanted glass(hammer and stanley knife) and fitting a bulk-head for drainage to the sump.
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