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Now for colour

Permanent Linkby Aaron on 13 Feb 2017 11:25

I have the dosing schedule for Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity running now. The phosphates were high (3ppm) so looked at the system to see how I could lower this. I noticed a couple of issues.

1. The refugieum needed a trim, the macro is growing well.

2. The bio pellet reactor had clumped and the biopellets were not tumbling. I checked all the valves and it was open full. I then tried removing the flow valve from the line (not needed if on full) and that was the extra movement needed to start tumbling again!

3. The sand bed needs a little more agitation (shallow sand bed) so I have introduced a blue cheeked goby and change the filter sock every couple of days.

I let this run for a week, did a 10% water change and the socks are good and filthy, skimmer working overtime for a few days and phosphate tests 0.3, 0.1, and now 0.

This has allowed me to think about improving the corals colouration, I have started the red sea colour supplements and energy supplement. I am three days in and so far the Euphilia (green with pink tip) and the Frogspawn (red with green tip) seem to be showing improved colours? Could be the supplements already in the soft tissue of the LPS or the lower phosphates this week. Either way I am surprised at the speed of change. I checked with my wife asking if she saw a difference and she pointed to the same two.

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