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Author:  DeanByrne [ 20 Nov 2013 21:29 ]
Blog Subject:  my new tank aquascape


a few live plants to be put in when i get money and there is now a nice size lump of live rock stuff hiding the filter

Author:  DeanByrne [ 28 Mar 2013 22:21 ]
Blog Subject:  my blog

my tank when 1st got cichlids

2 and a half feet long by 1 foot wide by roughly a foot high.

Elite Stingray internal filter with a 50w heater.

coloured stone in it with some ornaments aswel


i took all the ornaments out of the tank to make it abit more natural looking but didnt work out 2 well :( ha

I am looking for cheap 5mm coral sand and some more rocks.

will post more pics up when i get it sorted :)

hopefully i can sell this tank and upgrade to a more reasonable size :)

here is my new community tank ...

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