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Author:  Walola [ 22 Oct 2012 15:21 ]
Blog Subject:  I'm just a small fry in a big pond.

Hi all, my name is Walter and i've only bought my first ever fish in the middle of Sept 2012, now I never had one before so I didn't know much about it but that hasn't stopped me pestering everyone on here for any scraps of info. I began with a small tank we'll I found out its for keeping fish when your changing the water or quarantine. So I have had 2 fish die so far, a sobering experience when you care about wildlife like I do.
I bought a 54ltr tank as of yesterday so I am cycling it at the moment( not on a bike lol ) I got 6 fish with this tank which I didn't really want but its all part of the experience. I am going for a Cold-Water set up and I will post pictures as I go on. This is my Tank and I hope it turns into something relaxing and pleasing on the eye in the house. I look forward to the interaction in the future, Cheers.

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