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Author:  ballyvora4 [ 03 Jan 2017 15:40 ]
Blog Subject:  03 Jan 2017

I collected the tank last week after 2 trips. First time the tank didn't fit in my car. Had to go back with a jeep. Have plumbing setup. Found it somewhat hard to find some pieces such as PVC valves so Ill have to add to my plumbing at a later date. Its setup for now anyway. I purchased a Jebao dc 12000 pump used from another member on here. Great condition. Very powerful. Need a valve to slow it down a bit. Have the tank full of some sand and I'm currently making RO water to fill it. I'm about 3/4 there with water and hope to have it full this evening. I still need to buy some more equipment and some salt at the weekend and let it stabilize for a week or so before I start to move some stuff over. Pictures to follow!

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