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- March 2010
Wild Discus Setup Day 1 and 2 (kinda)
   10 Mar 2010 00:59

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Wild Discus Setup Day 1 and 2 (kinda)

Permanent Linkby damian_ireland on 10 Mar 2010 00:59

New setup is finally on the way.
Aquarium is a 6x2x2 Clearseal with a 4 foot sump bought from Seahorse Aquariums
Lights are 2 x 3 foot LED ( ... 975wt_1165)
Background is AKWA Line 180x70 cm . Came in 2 pieces will silicone it and hide where it joins probably tomorrow. bought from here ( ... 2708971237)
Sand was bought from Kinsealy pet shop a while back.
Sump has JBL filter pads and will have bio balls(tomorrow).

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