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Babies babies and more babies
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Babies babies and more babies

Permanent Linkby mrs fishpatrick on 19 Jun 2009 18:12

I think it would be more of a task for the shrimp not to breed, I have uncountable shrimplets in both tanks, the CRS I have seen at least 12 in one go, wich means there is propably 20 or so in there, they are tiny little red and white eylashes.

I am hoping to put the plants in the crs tank over the weekend, I have marsilea hirsuta and eleocharis parvula to do the job.

The blue pearl tank has a few other species in there (wich I am not happy with) and I am going to have to try and take these out.
Some of the shrimplets I see are definately not the blue pearl, The others are tiny little blue pearls so the breeding colony has started to develop :dance:

My HC cuba was starting to go a bit yellow, and when I tested, nitrates were not registering, fortunately Mr. Algae was kind enough to make up some KNO3 for me wich I am dosing in small quantities as well as the easycarbo and profito and the yellowing has stopped.

I am having a snail outbreak and am contemplating Anetome Helena for the tank, I need to find out would they be a thread to my shrimp, or the plants.

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