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CRS tank pics
   21 Jun 2009 00:51
Babies babies and more babies
   19 Jun 2009 18:12
been busy
   05 Jun 2009 23:40

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CRS tank pics

Permanent Linkby mrs fishpatrick on 21 Jun 2009 00:51

before I got started, these were floating like that for a week

just the hardscape




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Babies babies and more babies

Permanent Linkby mrs fishpatrick on 19 Jun 2009 18:12

I think it would be more of a task for the shrimp not to breed, I have uncountable shrimplets in both tanks, the CRS I have seen at least 12 in one go, wich means there is propably 20 or so in there, they are tiny little red and white eylashes.

I am hoping to put the plants in the crs tank over the weekend, I have marsilea hirsuta and eleocharis parvula to do the job.

The blue pearl tank has a few other species in there (wich I am not happy with) and I am going to have to try and take these out.
Some of the shrimplets I see are definately not the blue pearl, The others are tiny little blue pearls so the breeding colony has started to develop :dance:

My HC cuba was starting to go a bit yellow, and when I tested, nitrates were not registering, fortunately Mr. Algae was kind enough to make up some KNO3 for me wich I am dosing in small quantities as well as the easycarbo...

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been busy

Permanent Linkby mrs fishpatrick on 05 Jun 2009 23:40

after looking at my new tank for a week and picking up decor over that time I decided tonight was the time to give my Crystal Red Shrimp their new home
Made a few pictures as I went on and now I cannot find the button how to upload them anymore :roll: :doh:

here is the link to the photobucket so you can look for yourself ... rs%20tank/

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Bleu pearl shrimplets

Permanent Linkby mrs fishpatrick on 30 May 2009 18:28

Just came home from work and I always have a first look in the shrimptank as it is in the hal
and low and behold I can see one of the berried females giving birth.
To describe the shrimplets the best wording I could use is tine white pinpricks that can swim quite well.
I hope they survive then I am on my way to having a breeding colony.

In the big tank 3 neons are dead, and I can see one at the surface, my levels are okay and the other fish are behaving normal, it wil be the last time I buy neons :cry:
Now I only have 12 of them in the tank.

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Permanent Linkby mrs fishpatrick on 27 May 2009 11:44

As I was staring in to my little shrimp tank, I noticed my first shrimplet :dance: , not bad after a week
but it is a bit bittersweet as I am aware that my unidentified shrimp that were in there for a few days had dropped their eggs, and as long as I don't know what shrimp they are, I don't know will there be any interbreeding going on with my blue pearls, I am 75% sure that they are not of the same family and am edging to japonica shrimps but so far I am not sure, they are a lot bigger than the blue pearls.

They are in my community tank and so far I can still see all 7 of them grazing on my algae, they managed to clear the outlet of my external in the 5 days they are in the tank, I'd give it another month and the glass should be done, don't think they get much other food as the fish normally beat them to it and they are still too shy to come out.
My apistogramma's do notice them and I see...

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