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the question of where the doors go.

Permanent Linkby bandraoi dúchasach on 16 Jul 2009 01:26

i was going to put only one door in the center but have decided that all the fishy apperell will be need to be hiden behind two doors so they will go at either end.
ive had a problem withthe hinges as i attached them to one side of the door and they wroked very strangely indeed so ive changed ti piano hinge insteed with magnetic taps onthe door to keep the closed.
its all going swimmingly. il post some pics tomorow.
its taking quite some time to get it all together as ive had to build the computor stand at the same time so hubby wont go off his rocker at my mew tank taking up space in the building it myself ive been able to wrangel about 3 foot extra on to the size of the computor desk beside it. ( and promised hubby to build in a space for an extra external hard dive for his collection of Debbie, whatever that is :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh heavens..Shes in a right pickle now. As maybelle prepared dinner she unwittingly opened a can of whoop ass.
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