Dans Planted Tanks
This is a blog about my planted tanks. Currently I am running 3 tanks.

A Juwel Rekord 60 with a modified hood. Lights are 2x24w T5's. I am dosing this with easycarbo 5 days out of 7 and occasional nutrafn plant food.

A 30 litre Aquastart 320 tank with JBL plant substrate and JBL Manado substrate. I dose this with easycarbo twice a week and nothing else.

A ~12 litre Clearseal tank with inert sand substrate low light and no dosing.
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30 litre tank video
   03 Jul 2010 00:17

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30 litre tank video

Permanent Linkby Anotheridiot on 03 Jul 2010 00:17

Updated video of my planted nano tank.

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30 Litre - new layout

Permanent Linkby Anotheridiot on 20 Apr 2010 21:15

Heres a new pic of my 30 litre tank after a recent re-start on it.


Ill post some more details on it later on.

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Extra cacatuoides !!

Permanent Linkby Anotheridiot on 22 Aug 2009 20:08

Well I came home this evening and saw this
I thought it was pretty unuasual for every fish in the tank to be up one end !!

On Closer inspection my 2 newly aquired Apisto cacatuoides were the only fish up the right hand side of the tank. I had a good hard look and found some free swimming fry. :dance: :dance:

I had seen some chasing and some defensive behaviour from the female, but I didnt think that the deed...

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Planted Tank Update

Permanent Linkby Anotheridiot on 27 Jul 2009 20:45

Well Just thought Id post a quick update.


Overall Im chuffed with how this tank is turning out.
The hairgrass has not really carpeted at all, its spreading, only very very slowly. Got annoyed with how quickly the stargrass was growing, so now it is floating rather than in the substrate.

The Vallisneria americana has gone pretty mad and is spreading out to the front of the tank, Ill be cutting out these parts before the next meeting if anybody is interested ?

The Myriophyllum mezianum didnt do very well in the low light, so Ive relocated it to my other tank.
Cant remember right now what it has been replaced with, but will get the name and post it later on.

The Cryptocoryne beckettii 'has gone crazy and I'm loving how tight it is staying together.

I cant really tell a difference between the...

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Stocking slowly...

Permanent Linkby Anotheridiot on 22 Jun 2009 21:32

Well I've been unlucky trying to get my preferred stock so far.

Kind of changed my mind on the Harlequins after getting 5.
Lost 2 of the 5 shortly after they were added to the tank.

Got 4 Rummy Nose Tetras and love them. Really really deep red faces. Mad looking tail and glued to each other.

Couldn't find, or always missed Apisto borellii every time I went to the Sponsor's so I have ended up with what were supplied to Kinsealy as Apistogramma agassizii, but I'm not entirely sure (and neither was Dave) that they are.
Ill try and make an ID, but will probably just post some pics and get Holger to tell me :P

The Corys were on the suppliers list about 8 weeks back but have not been on since. I am open to suggestion of easier to obtain corys at this stage, and knowing my luck the Pygmy will be in the shop the week after I get their replacement.

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