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First Day Back by ballyvora4 on 21 Dec 2016 15:59
First day back on the forum in about 3 years. I plan on doing a blog of my build of a cirra 300L reef. I will be using parts from my already established aqua nano 40 reef. (Ill upload some pictures soon). I'm collecting the used tank tomorrow from Carlow town and I will document the move. Its currently empty so it should be as easy as putting it in the car. Nothing is every easy tho when moving a fragile glass aquarium! I need to purchace other bits for the aquarium still. it doesn't come with a return pump and i will probably re do the plumbing to suit my own needs. Ill use the lighting on my current tank for a little while until I get a replacement. Im using the stock light from the aqua nano and another fixture (Not sure of the name) at the moment.

Next update tomorrow.

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Coral Crab? by Aaron on 14 Feb 2017 20:17
Sitting by my tank late last night I noticed a small hitch hiker crab carefully stripping polops of some of my sps frags.

Its now an ex crab.

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Now for colour by Aaron on 13 Feb 2017 11:25
I have the dosing schedule for Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity running now. The phosphates were high (3ppm) so looked at the system to see how I could lower this. I noticed a couple of issues.

1. The...

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220ltr first marine tank by Aaron on 25 Jan 2017 21:42
This blog is going to follow my first marine set up. 220ltr currently with 50ltr sump/refugieum.


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03 Jan 2017 by ballyvora4 on 03 Jan 2017 15:40
I collected the tank last week after 2 trips. First time the tank didn't fit in my car. Had to go back with a jeep. Have plumbing setup. Found it somewhat hard to find some pieces such as PVC valves so...

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My current tank by ballyvora4 on 21 Dec 2016 17:52

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Re: Coral Crab? by Anthony on 02 Apr 2017 13:42
This is not a blogg.

Re: SDIESEL77 - Aquaone AquaNano40 by Aaron on 14 Feb 2017 13:30
Looks really nice

Re: SDIESEL77 - Aquaone AquaNano40 by sdiesel77 on 17 Jan 2017 10:25
It's been now just over a year that I started this Nano tank and when I look at the first photos, I'm quite happy with the little progress since then ...

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Re: New Tank by Halostemanic on 23 Apr 2016 10:22
Did you set it up? Any update?

Re: new tank set up (triton build) by granocompany on 23 Sep 2015 08:59
this is tank has only 1 wave maker 2500, and...

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