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26/09/2013 by skrzypek_p on 26 Sep 2013 16:10




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1st marine tank by paul .... on 19 Apr 2011 00:46

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My reef tank by Malawi Joe on 21 Dec 2013 03:45
I got a new tank, 81cm x 61cm x 46cm lxhxd
perfect size for where i want it

ordered new heat sinks for my leds to suit the rimless tank
all the plumbing arrived today, still waiting on the drill bit, but that should be here soon

stand is under construction, kinda going for the same design as uraujoey only not as much bracing?
my dad is a carpenter so he has gotten heavily involved :? hence why the design has changed
going from what the juwel stands are made of it should be just fine

Lighting: DIY LED 13NW 13RB, meanwell ldd 1000h drivers, typhoon controller
Flow: Jeboa wp25, koralia 1
Return: oceanflow3000

algae scrubber with 2x 20w led growlights
TMC v2 auto top off
extra live rock

Pictures to follow :mrgreen:

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My White Custom Reef 450L by BlueRam on 07 Nov 2012 00:41
I have it a while but never got around to do a Blog on it do here goes

I still have to do a little update as this photos are from a while back

Maybe i am only doing this now as ill be upgrading to a 7x2x2 in a few weeks its on order :D

My White custom 450L reef tank made by AquaFab (Seahorse)

Tank size: 1400mm x 500mm x 600mm
Sump size: 900mm x 400mm x 400mm. (is divided into 4 sections) plus ATO Section
Colour: White
Equipment includes:
2 x Aqua ray XG 1500 white ocean led lighting units 2 x Aqua ray ocean XG 1500 blue led lighting units

Deltec TS1060s Turbo Protein Skimmer.
1 x MP40
1 x koralia power heads
2 x 300w hydor heaters.
1 x Ehiem 1060 Return Pump.
45kg Live Rock and 20kg sand.
2 JBL reflectors, 2 X T5 and light holders and Arcadia electronic controller(complete set).
1 x TMC V2 Vectron 600 UV steriliser with 400 litre pump
1 x FMR 75 Fluidised reactor kit
1 x dosing Pump...

[ Continued ]

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my 300mm toadstool by jack on 11 Jul 2010 11:16

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