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Tank conversion by mike70 on 21 Aug 2009 10:48
Next job was the sump. I measured the inside of the cabinit which was 20"x18"x18".
I got the glass 6mm from AA emergency glass in finglas village(highly recommend these guys).
I jigsawed out middle support to right height and depth, then added a 1" metal bar to support piece i had removed. Looks like this now.................


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my tank so far by Essox on 30 Jan 2012 00:35
at the moment my stock list is:

a pair of percula clowns
one purple fire fish

10 turbo snails
2 cleaner shrimp
1 fire shrimp
3 red legged hermit crabs
1 rose bubble tip anemone
1 pistol shrimp(hitch hiker that im going to try catch and remove him)

1 torch coral
1 rock full of green star polyps
1 toad stool
2 red mushrooms

soon il be adding some more to my tank but before i do that im going to be looking into my water chemistry more before add anything else im having a problem with my purple algae on my rocks turning white iv done a good bit of research about water chemistry and believe it is my calcium that is low in my tank, im going to seahorse and getting a load of different test kits and additives for my tank and as soon as i understand water chemistry im not adding anymore stock to my tank to be safe!!!

all of my advice and understanding about water chemistry and reef keeping so far is mostly down to a lad that is on youtube and face book his name is newyorksteelo...

[ Continued ]

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complete marine set up by keith on 08 Sep 2011 23:30
selling a betta 1300 comes with bio-pur 250watt twin metal halide 30 watt uv v2 1500 skimmer phosfate reactorall pumps and heaters at least 100kilos of live rock loads of coral dont know there names emperor angel/regal tang/brown tang/yellow tang/foxface/large lionfish/pufferfish/humbug/sargent major/sand eels pincusion urchin and large blue starfish i am looking for 1000 euro ono

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Maxspect Riptide by Tranquilwatergardens on 02 Sep 2014 15:14
Exciting News......... The new generation of Wave maker is nearly here....... The MAXPECT RIPTIDE GYRE GENERATOR PROTOTYPE is on working display here in Tranquil Water Gardens. This is the One and only prototype in Ireland and is currently open for viewing. Maxpect hope to have the RIPTIDE launched later this month. :P
Call in to our store or check out video on the Rick Tutass Facebook page of the Riptide in action.

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First Tank by Steffen on 10 Aug 2013 03:45
Got my first tank today.
Asambled the stand and glued in the frame for my filter

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