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Thanks gerr by Darren s on 31 Jul 2011 21:05
Hey guys just up with gerr today and was amazed with his tank I would stay there all day if I could haha. I hot loads of equipment, rock and advice off him at a good price thanks very much gerr it's very much appreciated. It's good to have experienced people like yourself that don't try to take advantage of beginners like myself, even the chat we had has helped me greatly I'm much the wiser after this visit. So thanks gerr and if anyone is thinking of buying something off gerr i would recommend it because he is a good guy who knows his stuff thanks again gerr.

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new additions by anybangers on 21 Oct 2012 21:55
After doing all the tests on my water and being happy with the results i added a few more fish
I put in a handful of turbo snails, 2 green chromis which I will add another 4 of eventually, a beautiful flame angel and 2 neon velvet damsels, everyone is getting on great so far :D
tango the flame angel

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For sale by keith on 31 Aug 2011 15:59

I'm selling my Betta 1300, 450ltr tank with sump,Tank comes with Bio pure twin 250 watt metal halide with 2 blue T8s, V2 1500 skimmer, Phospate reacter, 30 watt uv lamp, heaters.i have foxface /puffer/lionfish/emperor angel/yellow tang/brown tang/regal tang/humbug/sand eels/over 100kilos of rock and alot of corals dont know the names also 7 finger starfish and a pincusion urchin looking for 1000euros ono

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need help changing the water by dale o shea on 12 Apr 2010 19:52
i just wanted to know when u are cleaning your tropical fish tank and you take out some of the water do you put the water treatment into the new water before you put it into the tank or do u put the water treatment in after you put the new water in the tank

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