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26/09/2013 by skrzypek_p on 26 Sep 2013 16:10




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update by bandraoi dúchasach on 17 Jul 2009 01:10
heres what the underside of the top looks like, solid pine.

and this is the bottom, which again will have a soild piece of pine on it

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update pics by bandraoi dúchasach on 17 Jul 2009 15:46

getting there.
should i stain the wood? should i stain parts of it, for effect ? hummmmm
back is just light gauge ply, painted mocha and the the doors have yet to be screwed in place. waiting on wood to be delivered!! arrrhhhh.
all my nails are broke.
anything to get out of house work! lol

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Babies babies and more babies by mrs fishpatrick on 19 Jun 2009 18:12
I think it would be more of a task for the shrimp not to breed, I have uncountable shrimplets in both tanks, the CRS I have seen at least 12 in one go, wich means there is propably 20 or so in there, they are tiny little red and white eylashes.

I am hoping to put the plants in the crs tank over the weekend, I have marsilea hirsuta and eleocharis parvula to do the job.

The blue pearl tank has a few other species in there (wich I am not happy with) and I am going to have to try and take these out.
Some of the shrimplets I see are definately not the blue pearl, The others are tiny little blue pearls so the breeding colony has started to develop :dance:

My HC cuba was starting to go a bit yellow, and when I tested, nitrates were not registering, fortunately Mr. Algae was kind enough to make up some KNO3 for me wich I am dosing in small quantities as well as the easycarbo...

[ Continued ]

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300g journal by angelfishguy on 11 Nov 2011 18:33
just thought id start a journal for our new tank, its 96"x24"x28" with a 5ft sump. we got it off Kieronr who had it set up as marine, we plan on having it as a blackwater Altum tank but after getting advised to wait untill the next Altum season(July) to get the altums it will just be stocked with regular angels and tap water untill then.

it hasnt had any water in it yet as we have to re-silcone the overflow pipe as it was knocked out during the move from dublin to wexford.


and heres a pic to show what it will look like when the cabnit is attached

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