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The Salty Side by Corky on 30 Dec 2013 01:56
I never had much of an interest in marines and i always just skipped that part of the shop as I considered it to be too specialised, too complicated and too expensive. So my plan was to upgrade to a bigger Malawi setup so off I went to Seahorse for a look. However after talking to Kealan for about 10 minutes he had somehow convinced me to consider a marine setup so off I went and started to research and a couple of weeks later I find myself drilling holes in the side of my precious Rio 125!!

Anyways heres my build thread for my first Marine setup. All help and advice will be much appreciated.

So I knew from past experiences fishkeeping that if you dont do it right at the start you'll be kicking yourself down the line so I decided to set it up with a sump. First to come out was the internal filter. This came out handy enough with a long kitchen knife. I think there was 4 blobs of silicone on each side. I also realised the importance of lighting with a reef tank so I took out the centre...

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200Litre Marine tank! by JennyF on 14 Mar 2011 01:41
Finally got this up! started my 200litre tank there around a week or so ago, only posting now, I do have pics however! My first Sumped tank, so excited, this should be fun! Need a step ladder to get into the bloody thing :roll:

Here is a list of the tank and equipment to start this blog off!

200litre Betta lifespace type tank
120ish litre Sump
30KG live rock
30KG live sand
Koralia 3 powerhead
Koralia nano powerhead
Eihem 200watt heater
Hai Yang 150watt Metal Halide
Hai Yang 55watt T5 white w/10 LED moonlights
Hai Yang 3000lp/h return pump
TMC V2Skim 400
Have an Arcadia 18watt ballast inside the sump - to be put up.

I'll be running the tank with a refugium, so have live sand, crushed live rock and chaeto ready to go in!
I am hoping to do this tank as a reef tank, so I'll be looking for loads of help! havn't done a tank this big before, especially a marine, so this is my first...

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Tank Conversion by mike70 on 21 Aug 2009 11:30
Job done, no leaks :pray:
Extra 100ltrs added (40l in tank/60l in sump) :dance:
Cost about 60 euro :D

A few tank shots.......................




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salt by ronson49 on 18 Nov 2011 22:22
anyone doing deals on buckets of salt :?:

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Membership by jaytee on 01 Aug 2010 21:30
Hi Everyone

I am new to this site and Im interested in a single membership of LFKS.Does anyone know who i contact, or the address i can send my subscription too.

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